Lotus Notes Recovery tool

The development team of Lotus Notes Recovery Toolbox (download) allows restoring data corruption threats of any origin so you may count on the Lotus Notes recovery tool for curropted file in all instances of data corruption, from known issues to new and complicated threats. The development team of Recovery Toolbox community offers this service under proprietary license and freeware as well.

Despite some functional limitations in the free version of Lotus Notes Recovery Toolbox, you may evaluate how it works and find out if the restoration is possible and the utility for Lotus Notes file repair can really fix data corruption threats of any origin. Please simply follow the guidelines of Lotus Notes Recovery Toolbox and do not try to modify the settings of its engine, it is not allowed, the software is not open source, GNU or GPL.

lotus notes recovery

The process of software for fixing corrupted Lotus Notes files execution is really easy, you should simply select a file of NSF supported format in Lotus Notes Recovery Toolbox and follow other guidelines, clearly described on the development team website. Do not worry to damage input documents if something goes wrong during the processing of corrupted NSF files, Lotus Notes Recovery Toolbox never changes input files during the processing of selected documents in the Lotus Notes format, it works with copies only to prevent unauthorized changes. In the same time, this approach permits opening damaged Lotus Notes files remotely, from network disks and shared folders, located on other computers.

After the end of Lotus Notes Recovery Toolbox execution you may check it out whether the analysis of corrupted data was successful and preview the results in this application. It does not take much time and it is really necessary to find out if the restoration of corrupted NSF files was really successful. Please look at the results attentively and register Lotus Notes Recovery Toolbox to remove some functional restrictions if the results are good enough to convert recovered items into a clean file of NSF format and keep on working with repaired information in Lotus Notes application. Besides trying to modify the settings of data restoration, you may submit your feedback to developers, actually it is the best way to participate in the software development.